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Organic Liquid Yeast WLP080-O Cream Ale Blend - White Labs - PurePitch™

Organic Liquid Yeast WLP080-O Cream Ale Blend - White Labs - PurePitch™

This is a blend of ale and lager yeast strains. The strains work together to create a clean, crisp, light American lager-style ale. A pleasing estery aroma may be perceived from the ale yeast contribution. Hop flavours and bitterness are slightly subdued. Slight sulphur will be produced during fermentation, from the lager yeast.

  • Attenuation: 75-80%
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Fermentation temperature: 18°-21°C (65°-70°F)
  • Content: 70 ml

White Labs PurePitch™ Next Generation 
The PurePitch™ Next Generation pouch for homebrewers presents hobbyists and small-scale brewers with a convenient and modular package to pitch a consistent 7.5 million cells/ml per 19 litres (5 gallons), a commercially recommended pitching rate to ensure a foolproof fermentation. 

Recommended use
It’s easy! Homogenize and sanitize the pouch, then twist the cap and pitch!  

  • Use one pouch per 5 gal / 19 l.
  • If you are fermenting cold (≤16°C) or if you are fermenting high gravity wort (≥1.072 sg (18°P), use 2 pouches per 5 gal / 19 l.
  • In case you are both fermenting cold and using High Gravity wort, use 3 pouches per 5 gal / 19 l. 
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  • More Information

    • Organic
    • Pitchable yeast 
    • More complex flavor profile than dry yeast
    • Foolproof fermentation every time
    • Up to 94.9% viability after 6 months