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Drink! 50 Beer Games
  • Drink! 50 Beer Games

    hat do "Quarters", "Irish Poker", "Name Game", and "Edward Fortyhands" all have in common? If you know, buy Bob Gurnett's hilarious Drink! 50 Beer Games, because there is so much more to learn. And if you don't know, still buy it, because you need to see that there's more to life than just Beer Pong. Drink! 50 Beer Games includes a clever beer can-shaped container with 50 instructional game cards that will ensure you never run out of fun party games. And there's also a ping-pong ball, just in case.

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      Features of Drink! 50 Beer Games include:

      • A fun and inspired collection of 50 famous beer games
      • Includes 50 instructional game cards, a beercan "box" and bonus ping-pong ball
      • A great way to get the party started!