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The PLAATO Valve V2 - Pressure Drop Equalizing Valve
  • The PLAATO Valve V2 - Pressure Drop Equalizing Valve

    SKU: 7110768112631

    The PLAATO Valve connects between your fermenter and airlock and equalizes any negative pressure that might be present in the system. It eliminates suck-back during fermentation or cold crashing, ensuring your airlock remains full and functioning properly.

    Many brewers have experienced the sinking feeling of finding your airlock completely empty or heard the sound of water or sanitizer flowing back from the blow-off vessel to the fermenter. This phenomenon is due to temperature changes that in turn lead to negative pressure in the fermenter. This is seen the moment a fermenter is placed in a colder, temperature-controlled room after pitching yeast, or when going from fermentation temps down to cold crash temps. To offset this negative pressure, the fermenter will suck in solution (and then air) from the airlock or blow-off vessel. The PLAATO Valve features an internal silicone umbrella valve that only opens if a vacuum is created due to temperature drop.