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Tettnanger Hops Pellets

Tettnanger Hops Pellets

Tettnanger hops are known for their versatility, as they offer a traditional noble aroma that blends seamlessly with other hops in your brew. Expect that classic German nose of spice, earth, and a hint of floral commonly added to German Ales, Lagers, and Wheat Beers.


Origin: Germany

A/A: 3.9%


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    Alpha Acid Composition 3%-5.8%
    Beta Acid Composition 2.8%-5.3%
    Co-Humulone Composition 24%
    Country Germany


    Total Oil Composition 0.36-1.07 mL/100g
    Myrcene Oil Composition 40.6%
    Humulene Oil Composition 20.4%
    Caryophyllene Oil 6.2%
    Farnesene Oil 11.3%
    Substitutes Saaz, Spalt, Santiam, Spalter Select, Tettnanger (US)
    Style Guide Bitter, California Blonde Ale,
    Red Ale, Pilsner, Lager, American Amber Ale,
    Winter Ale, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, Bavarian Hefeweizen,
    Cream Ale, American Lager