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Safale US-05 Fermentis 11.5gr

Safale US-05 Fermentis 11.5gr

SKU: 30048478

A ready-to-pitch dry American ale yeast, SafAle US-05 produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate. With medium sedimentations, and medium final gravities, this workhorse of a yeast is a perfect selection for many ale styles.

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    % Dry Weight 94.0 – 96.5
    Usage Rate 50 – 80 g/hl
    Fermentation Temperature 53.6 – 77º F, ideally 59 – 71.6ºF
    Flocculation Medium
    Residual Sugars 11 g/l – based on apparent attenuation of 81%