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Pale Malt

Pale Malt

Top quality 2-row winter malting barley is widely recognised as the best raw material for traditional ale malt.Low protein barleys are sourced from local farmers that are qualified as the very best malting barley growers.


During malting, high cast moistures and a balance of germination time and temperature guarantee an even, well modified malt which is ideally suited to ale brewing. The characteristic higher colour and balanced sweet, malty flavour results in this malt being one of the most popular and distinctive malt styles.


Pale Ale Malt is suited to infusion mashing and top fermentation which typifies traditional ale brewing, but is also very well suited for ale brewing using more modern techniques.


The base malt for brewing all grain beers. Being American grown, high in diastatic power, well modified and fairly neutral, two-row makes an excellent base malt. Best for both American Lager and Ale styles, two-row lends itself well to both malt and adjunct beers.

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    EBC 5-7

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