Munich Malt

Munich Malt


Munich Malt has its origins in Germany where traditional beers gained their rich malty character from the addition of specialist malts with enhanced colour and flavour. These products are made on a conventional malt kiln using processes that promote higher levels of soluble protein and simple sugars which interact when heat is applied to produce a product rich in melanoidins and other colour and flavour compounds.


The malty flavours associated with Munich Malt contrast with the caramel-like flavours associated with crystal malts and the golden to reddish hues to the colour is popular in some beer styles.


A true Munich variety that has undergone higher kilning than the pale malt. German Munich still retains sufficient enzymes for 100% of the grist, or it can be used at the rate of 20 to 75 % of the total malt content in Lagers for its full, malty flavor and aromatic qualities. It adds a light golden color and a lightly caramelized flavor not found when using Vienna malt. It has minimal diastatic power for added adjuncts.

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    EBC 24

    Application: Lager and ales up to 20% of grist.

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