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Maris Otter

Maris Otter

Maris Otter (Barley) is a traditional, two-row, low-protein, winter barley variety with deep roots in English brewing. It is today considered the keystone malt for authentic British ale flavors. Maris Otter is considered a very “malty-tasting” pale base malt, which has made it a favorite among traditional cask ale brewers for decades. Using Maris Otter, brewers are able to create beers of relatively low gravity and alcoholic strength, such as “ordinary” bitters, while retaining a genuinely malty flavor profile.

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    EBC 4.5 – 5.5


    MAris Otter malts are the main ingredient for all types of bitters, milds and stouts.

    Main Characteristics;

    Well modified producing consistent extract within the standard ale colour range producing sweet and flavourful worts.

PriceFrom €3.00