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FermZilla - All Rounder Starter Kit 30 l
  • FermZilla - All Rounder Starter Kit 30 l

    The FermZilla All Rounder 30 l is a compact fermentation tank that gives home brewers a high degree of control. Thanks to the transparent side wall, made of high-quality PET, brewers can follow what is going on in the tank at any time. In addition, this tank has the big advantage that it can be force carbonated, as it withstands a pressure of 2.4 bar. The fermenter has a large opening of 12 cm, making it easy for manual cleaning.

    Optional pressure kit
    When purchasing the pressure kit (not included), you get the most out of your FermZilla All Rounder; as it can be used for fermenting under pressure; which is faster than a normal fermentation; for carbonating and for dispensing.

    The All Rounder also fits in most (small) fridges. So you can directly tap carbonated, cooled beer out of the FermZilla All Rounder.

    • More Information

      This kit includes:

      • 1 x All Rounder tank
      • 1 x stainless steel handle assembly
      • 1 x 304 stainless stand
      • 1 x airlock
      • 1 x pressure rated lid
      • 1 x thermometer sticker
      • 1 x red 2.5 bar pressure relief valve
      • 1 x graduation sticker

      Prior to fermenting under pressure, it is advisable to carry out a pressure test and to check the tank for leaks.

      Liquids in the FermZilla may never exceed 50 °C.