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Electric pump Novax B 20 mm

Electric pump Novax B 20 mm

Very favourably priced liquid ring pump with an electric motor.

Pump housing with stainless steel shaft. Without bypass, pump operable in 2 directions. Suitable for pumping clear or lightly charged food liquids, such as water, wine, wort, etc.

With Viton seal for liquids up to 95 °C. Motor: 230 V, 50 Hz.

The pump cannot be used for aggressive detergents like caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide… Do not run the pump dry. Begin with priming the pump by pouring a liquid, then the pump becomes self-priming.

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    • circulation during mashing process when combined with filter bottom
    • transfer of wort from lauter tun to brewing kettle
    • transfer of wort from brewing kettle to fermentation tank (connection behind the cooler)
    • re-circulation of cleaning solution through plate chiller, soda keg, etc.
    • circulation of cooling water for water-cooled fermentation tanks