Brewferm Brewing Gloves

Brewferm Brewing Gloves

Brewing gloves belong - or at least they should - to the basic equipment of both commercial and home brewers. These sturdy industrial-grade Brewferm gloves are up to four times thicker than ordinary household gloves, while maintaining great feel and dexterity!

  • Gloves reduce your risk of burns and scalds.
  • Harmful sanitisers, acids, and caustic chemicals are kept away from your skin.
  • Because gloves can themselves be effectively sanitised, they help you maintain sanitised equipment.
  • Elbow-length size allows you to reach into 20 litre buckets.
  • Nitrile rubber, CE-certified by TÜV.
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    Sizing guide
    Gloves are available in Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL). To select your size, measure the circumference of your hand in centimetres at the knuckles (exclude your thumb) using a flexible fabric tape or a piece of string. The measured circumference determines the glove size. If the circumference is in between two sizes, choose the nearest size:

    Size M (8) = 20.5 cm
    Size L (9) = 23.0 cm
    Size XL (10) = 25.5 cm