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Biscuit Malt

Biscuit Malt

Biscuit™ malt produces a very pronounced “toasty” finish in the beer. Imparts a warm bread and biscuit-like aroma and flavor. Promotes a light to medium warm brown color of the mash. This malt is used to improve the roasted flavor and aroma that characterize ales and lagers lending the subtle properties of black and chocolate malts. No enzymes. Must be mashed with malts having a surplus of diastatic power.

Suitable for any style, especially English ales, brown ales and porters. Up to 15% of the mix.

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    Color °L 17.4 – 21.2
    Moisture % Max 4.5%
    Protein Total 11.5
    Extract FG Min 77.0
    Usage Rate Up to 15%

PriceFrom €2.75