VOREIA Wit Beer Alc. 7% Vol.  0,33 L

VOREIA Wit Beer Alc. 7% Vol. 0,33 L

A Belgian recipe meets the Mediterranean temperament. Coriander and orange mix together for the first time with the Greek wheat and create an unexpected harmony of flavors and aromas. Refreshing, delicate, delicious!

  • Color: Light blond, cloudy appearance, white creamy foam leaving its mark to the glass in each sip.
  • Aromas: At first fruity aromas overflow from your glass and then coriander and orange take over. While the beer warms up, vanilla and caramel from the malts come out discreetly.
  • Taste: Delicate and sweet at first, followed then by a pleasant fruity acidity that fades, leaving a fluid velvet aftertaste. The carbonate is moderate to high.
  • Alcohol: 7% ABV well “hidden” underneath the aromas and flavors of beer and thus strengthen the beer further.

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