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Pacific Jade Hops Pellets

Pacific Jade Hops Pellets

Made from a New Zealand variety called First Choice and Saaz. Used as bitter and aroma hop, it is gently bitter because of its low cohumulone level. The citrus aroma and its taste match perfectly with malt sweetness in Ales, especially when it is sparingly used as aroma hop. We recommend to add Pacific Jade in the first phase of the brewing process in order to balance Lagers with its bitter quality.

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    Alpha Acids         12-14%

    Beta Acids           7-8%

    Total Oils             1.4mL/100g

    Hop Usage          Bitter

    Hints                     Citrus, Spicy, Herbal

    Substitute            Magnum

    Beer Styles          American version of Pale Ale, especially IPA

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