Liquid Malt Extract Wheat 1.5Kg

Liquid Malt Extract Wheat 1.5Kg

This malt extract is made from a blend of 55% wheat malt, 45% barley malt providing the ideal base for a wide range of wheat beers.
Muntons malt extracts

Muntons range of canned malt extracts for the home beer making market are made exclusively from the finest English 2 row barley. They are produced by the aqueous extraction of sugars from malted barley and are subsequently concentrated into a viscous syrup. They are a valuable source of fermentable sugars, provide natural colouring and impart their traditional rich malty flavour.

The hopped varieties are blended with choicest English hops selected for their aromatic and bittering characteristics.

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    Use 2 cans for your homebrew extract homebrew or combine one of these cans with any of the one can homebrew beer kits for a magnificent beer.

    Typical Analysis: Solids 80-82% Colour (EBC): < 10 However, do take into account that 1 kilo of barley malt does not contain the same amount of sugar as 1 kilo malt extract: 1 kg malt extract powder = 1.60 kg malt 1 kg barley malt = 0.62 kg malt extract powder 1 kg liquid malt extract = 0.80 kg malt extract powder 1 kg liquid malt extract = 1.30 kg malt


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