Electrim Mashing Bin 32Lt

Electrim Mashing Bin 32Lt

Electrim mashing, sparging and boiling bin.

Capacity 32 Litre.

This is made from high-density heat resistant plastic and is fitted with a 2.4 KW heating element controlled by a thermostat for accurate control of temperature between 26 and 100°C.

Used when making 'Real' Beer for mashing and sparging, to produce the wort which is then fermented to produce the finished article.

The grains are best put in a mashing & sparging bag for easy removal later on and to prevent them collecting around the heating element and interfering with it's efficiency.

After mashing the bag also aids easy sparging of the mashed grains with hot water to extract the residual sugars.

The bin can also be used for the next stage of beer-making - the boiling of the wort with hops.

It is advisable to fit a hop strainer to the inside of the tap to make emptying easier.

After boiling, the wort can be rapidly chilled using a wort chiller. This reduces the likelihood of bacterial infection and also causes some of the unwanted proteins to drop out of solution.

Once cooled to the correct temperature, the yeast can be pitched.

Note: the element should be descaled regularly, otherwise it will not function accurately.