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Dry Malt Extract Dark 500gr

Dry Malt Extract Dark 500gr

Spraymalt Muntons dark EBC 44-70
A superb addition to any Brown or Mild Ale. This dark spraymalt will improve body, adding extra rich malt flavour and natural colour.

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    Malt extract literally is an extract of malt. The mashing has already happened. When brewing beer with malt extract, there is no need to do the mashing yourself; simply boiling the wort suffices. This way of brewing occurs by many homebrewers in America; the so-called mini mash or partial mash method. However, do take into account that 1 kilo of barley malt does not contain the same amount of sugar as 1 kilo malt extract:

    1 kg malt extract powder = 1.60 kg malt
    1 kg barley malt = 0.62 kg malt extract powder
    1 kg liquid malt extract = 0.80 kg malt extract powder
    1 kg liquid malt extract = 1.30 kg malt

    Use of malt extract as a yeast starter:
    Dissolve 100 g malt extract powder in 800 ml water. Boil for 5 minutes, then allow to cool to 20-25°C, pour into a sterile Erlenmeyer flask or bottle with airlock and finally add the yeast.

    Spraymalt improves the quality of any beer kit when used instead of sugar. As a result you will get beers which are less ‘dry’, with a richer flavour, more body and improved head formation and retention. For an extra ‘hoppy’ bite, add hopped spraymalt to all the beers you make.

    Malt extract powder is hygroscopic; it absorbs or attracts moisture from the air. It is important that it is kept in a dry and cool place. Once the pack has been opened; reseal with as little air as possible in the pack.

    Suggested uses:

    1. Replace 50/50 with sugar: 1/2 kg sugar plus 1/2 kg spraymalt. Use this in any beer kit recipe which suggests the addition of 1 kg of sugar. This recipe will si