A medium caramel malt made from malted wheat.
45.5° L. malted wheat that has been steeped and kilned to create a caramel malt. Emphasizes wheat aroma and flavor and adds color; use up to 15% for dunkelweizen and hefeweizen.

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    Lovibond: 42 – 53

    Usage Rate: Up to 30% for wheat beers; 5% for pale beers and 15% for dark ales

    Extract: 68%

    Moisture: 6.5%

    Application Tip:

    For the production of dark ale’s, Hefe-Weizen, Dunkel-Weizen and other top-fermented styles, Cara Wheat can be specified as a faceting malt to round out the flavor and aromas of various beer styles.

PriceFrom €2.50