Bouncer Mac Daddy Inline Filter for Homebrewing

Bouncer Mac Daddy Inline Filter for Homebrewing

It's the Mac Daddy! Similar to the standard-sized Bouncer inline beer filter - but BIGGER! - brew better-tasting and clearer beer, with less waste, and without pumps or additives! Simply connect the filter between your racking cane and keg, or between your boil kettle and fermenter (temperature-safe up to 150 degrees!). Proudly manufactured from durable, food-grade materials in the USA. - Perfect for up to larger or dry hopped batches - Removes sediment without taste-spoiling or chemicals - Saves time and beer - Doubles as a mini randle - No pump required - Easy to clean - 3/8" and 1/2" barbs included - Operates up to 65c

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    - Batch up to 30 liters
    -Removes the sediments without changing the taste and without using additives
    -It does not require the use of pumps
    -Easy to clean
    - Equipped with inlet / outlet hose connector for Cristal tube 10 mm internal diameter
    - Can be used with must up to 65 ° C


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