Bouncer Inline Filter for Home Bbrewing

Bouncer Inline Filter for Home Bbrewing


Bouncer ™  beer filter helps to get a clean must without the use of additives.
Simply connect the siphon filter to the siphon filter or directly to the tap of the fermenter or boiling boiler: during the decanting the filter inside will collect all the residues of the preparation of the must or of the fermentation (hops in pellets) , proteins, yeasts no longer active); moreover, at any time of decanting it is possible to unscrew the filter tank to clean it.

Attention: Do not use metabisulfite, sodium percarbonate (oxi) or aggressive chemical products for cleaning and sanitizing the vessel, they may dull the surface
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    - Batch up to 25 liters
    -Removes the sediments without changing the taste and without using additives
    -It does not require the use of pumps
    -Easy to clean
    - Equipped with inlet / outlet hose connector for Cristal tube 10 mm internal diameter
    - Can be used with must up to 65 ° C